Friday, June 20, 2008

Please excuse this Disney World Vacation interruption...

When Chase was around 11 months old we used the InfantSee program to get him his first eye appointment. It turned out that Chase had astigmatism that measured at 1.5 and was farsighted. Since he was so young they said it was not a big deal and we would just bring him back in at 3 to have his eyes rechecked.

Well today was that recheck and I am shocked by our appointment. I know that my child is perfect... or as close as they com to perfect. Let me just say that I think no different now and this post in no way means that I do. I really expected us to go in, get his eyes checked, and hear, "Looks great, see you in a year." However, that is not even close to what we heard.

It turns out that his astigmatism is now measuring 2.0 and the other eye is measuring at 1.5. Anything 1.5 or greater they prescribe glasses for. So you guess it, next week my Doodlebug will be getting glasses. Our Dr. wanted to consult with his friend that specializes in little ones so that he could help w/the rx. He does not want them too strong to interfere w/development, but wants them strong enough to do what they need to do. Without correcting we would eventually end up with a problem called renalmyopathy (sp?), which means that Chase's brain would think that fuzzy was normal and would not correct even w/glasses. This would mean Chase falling behind and we do not want that!

Of course I freaked out on the inside as I listened to all of this, but managed to just nod and smile on the outside. I did ask why we had not noticed a problem if it was bad enough he needed glasses and they said that his actual vision is not bad. He is measuring at 20/30 and 20/40, which is good. It's just that some things are blurry.

I am so clueless about all of this because neither Jeff or I have any vision problems. I am devastated that Chase is going to have to deal with this and more devastated that it's something I can't fix. I know he will be fine and I know it could be so much worse, but I still don't like it.

Anyway, send a prayer that in time it will self correct. We were told it could, but it's unlikely. We all know that anything is possible, Chase is proof of that. *sigh* I hate when things don't go as planned!