Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let the games, er shots, begin!

Today was my d3 (day 3) ultrasound and bloodwork for IVF#4. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find my very first IVF nurse (the one that did all my ultrasounds and showed us my precious son's heartbeat for the very first time) has come back to our clinic and will be my nurse for this IVF!!!!! I was so happy! She is sweet, kind, caring, talkative, and reassuring. I am taking this as a very good sign!

All my bloodwork came back well (a little high on the FSH, but still OK.. sigh I hate getting older) and my ultrasound was all clear. I'll start my shots this evening and then I'll break them into 12 hour intervals starting tomorrow. I go back Friday for my next monitoring appointment. Due to a switch in meds Jeff won't have to give me any shots until we are closer to our egg retrieval, so he is a happy camper right now. I'll be doing all the shots myself in the stomach... to be honest those hurt less anyway.

I once heard that you have the first child for yourself and the next child for them. I want nothing more than for Chase to have a sibling and for us to add to our family. This is my prayer. A healthy child. Yes, I'd love a girl and heck, I'd love twins. But one, healthy baby is my prayer, the rest is icing on the cake. Please, please send prayers our way that this will be God's decision for us.

So our journey begins.


Rooney's Little Musings said...

I'm so glad you had a happy surprise today. There is nothing like a good nurse, or doctor for that matter. I will be praying hard!

Anonymous said...

So, so excited for the three of you. You know I am always rooting for Team Larson!
love ya
Alisa and Madison

Mommy Daisy said...

All the Disney photos were great. It looks like you had a lovely time.

I do pray that your IVF goes really well. Best of luck.