Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Big Redneck Wedding

(The dentist post will have to wait, I saw something today that I HAD to share.)

I am not a huge TV watcher and since getting TiVo, I watch even less. Well, maybe not less but certainly nothing that is actually on when I watch it.... until today. While Chase was playing and I was cleaning (I know, shocker) I turned the TV on just for the heck of it. The lines, "Wow, a girl that hog hunts, mud wrestles, and pulls you on a mattress... Jamie, you have found yourself a keeper" got my attention.

Turns out CMT has a show called: My Big Redneck Wedding. Yes, that's for real. If you haven't seen it, it's a must. I seriously could not believe what I was watching. I was so intrigued that I watched two episodes and even recorded one just to prove to Jeff that I was not making it up. I am tempted to set up a season pass, now that is saying something.

I will just give you a few snipits from the episodes that I saw today in order to wet your appetite:

~ the bridal party was all in camo (in both weddings)... that on a whole wasn't the worst part it was the neon orange baseball caps and the blue jean mini-skirts to go with the camo tops that put it over the edge
~ the bachelor party consisted of shooting bottle rockets at eachother, while holding them in their hand (can we say idiots)
~ mud wrestling at the reception... the bride even did it... in her dress
~ pickled pigs feet at the reception... ewwww
~ cornbread and baked beans at the reception to which the groom said, "These beans are starting to work!" (just a note to the bride, I'd sleep downwind)
~ one bride went down the aisle on a tractor... seriously, the other went down on a donkey (hey, it was her pet)
~ they had mattress surfing, which was pulling a person on a mattress through the cow field behind the 4-wheeler
~ at the end of one wedding the groom told the bride, "Let's go constipate this marriage!"

Enough said.

Now tell me that is something you don't want to see??? I will definitely need to set up a season pass.


kristi said...

oh my........that is all I can say!