Thursday, June 5, 2008

Disney World, here we come!

This time tomorrow we will be in Florida and I still have so much to do. I'm *almost* finished packing, I'm about to print off our Disney maps (I'm supposed to be doing that now, don't tell Jeff I'm updating my blog), and Chase is down for the night w/dreams of Mickey in his head... after a good hour of back and forth, up and down, with his Daddy. All is good, I think.

Tomorrow will be a busy day! Duchess is coming up early so that we can get haircuts, I need to finish packing those last minute items, recheck that I have everything we need, do my toes (long story short, Jeff stepped on my pinkie toe and ripped the nail right off in the middle of Best Buy, so much for a pedi before the trip), pick up the house, vacuum again, make sure the animals are set, drop off Molly at Aunt Stacy's and double-check she has a key to take come check on the other furbabies, pick up weekend feeders for the fish, and did I say double-check that I have everything we will need?

I still plan on posting about the dentist, in fact Jeff is putting the new camera software on the computer as I type. Or he's supposed to be. As soon as I have those pictures, I promise a post. We were going to take the laptop, but now I don't think we are. My mom will have hers, so I'll be able to post, but I guess that means no pictures until we come back. *sigh*

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, I have a feeling my will be hectic and fast!