Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Operation Santa Christmas Picture 2007 (a.k.a. OSCP2007)

And what do you want for Christmas?

That would be the question that every child longs to hear from Santa ... or so you would think. My child would be the exception. Actually he did have an answer, but it would not be typical in any sense of the word. Chase's response would be as follows, "To get the ____ off your lap!" You can just use your imagine to fill in the blank.

I actually thought (how naive of me) that we were going to get a *good* Santa picture this year. In fact, I thought this until the very.last.possible.moment. Then reality struck. And when it struck, it struck fast and hard. Here is my holiday tale of Operation Santa Christmas Picture 2007 (a.k.a. OSCP2007) for your reading enjoyment.

Once upon a time a "practically perfect in every way" Mommy and Daddy had a "practically perfect in every way" little boy that they named Chase. They loved Chase more than anything in the entire world and wanted Chase to experience anything and everything he could. Each Christmas they would take Chase to Santa's cottage so that they could capture the moment forever in a picture. After all, when Chase is older he will treasure these pictures forever. Chase's first Christmas he was not even a year old and only looked up at Santa in wonder while his portrait was snapped. By Chase's second Christmas he had gained knowledge and knew that old men dressed in strange clothes was not normal and became very, er I mean VERY, unhappy when placed upon Santa's lap. Still by Chase's third Christmas he was now two years old and much, much wiser. He had seen Santa in pictures and knew that there was something mystical and magical about the jolly old man and his curiosity had peaked. He led his Mommy and Daddy on to believe that he liked this old man and wanted to go and see him of his own free will. Silly Mommy and Daddy for believing him!

Mommy and Daddy picked a special day for the big trip to Santa's cottage for OSCP2007. They thought they were being smart and invited some bigger friends to go with them in hopes that Chase would view the said friends visiting on Santa's lap and want to do the same. Upon arriving at our destination Santa appeared through the door of the cottage and Chase was very excited to see that Santa was indeed at work that day. He waved and Santa waved back... a good sign Mommy thought! Mommy was overjoyed and leaped out of the vehicle while building up the excitement of seeing Santa and taking a picture with him. Chase, being the curious little boy he is, raced into Santa's cottage with Mommy and right up to Santa's big chair. Mommy honestly thought that things were going really well when Chase even began to talk to Santa, all signs were pointing in a smiling picture at last. Santa and Chase talked of reindeer and barns, Christmas, and good boys and girls. The time was coming, Mommy was giggly, Chase was smiling ... then it happened. The 12 words that would forever haunt OSCP2007... "Would you like to sit on Santa's lap and take a picture?" Oh the horror, the absolutely horror! On his lap? "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" screamed Chase as he bolted for the door. "NOOOOOOOOOO sit on Santa's lap!" Crap. Alas, the smiling picture was not meant to be.

Mommy and Daddy thought they could save OSCP2007 by walking Chase around the cottage and negotiating with the help of candy canes, but again Chase proved to be the wiser. At their wits end Mommy and Daddy grabbed Chase as he ran and placed him upon the lap of Old St. Nick. All we can say is the result was a rather worn out Santa and a really, really, really ticked off Chase. Perhaps OSCP2008 will prove more glorious.

*** I will be scanning our really nice OSCP2007 tomorrow at work and post tomorrow evening. But to you tide you over, here are a couple of pictures taken after by the big live Christmas tree. If you receive a Christmas card from us, please pretend you did not see these. ***


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

I love his shirt!

Can't wait to see the OSCP shot when you post it!!

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

It looks like he's saying "HELLLPPPPP MEEEEEEEE"!!!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!