Monday, December 17, 2007

It can only get better... right?!?!

To put it plain and simple, this weekend sucked. Thanks to our lovely Texas weather it has gone from 80 degrees to 55 degrees in one day. You can imagine what that does to people's systems. It's nice. Poor Chase got the sniffles on Friday and by that evening he was telling me, "Mommy I not fweel well." That's never a good sign. An even worse sign was when he began coughing shortly after going to sleep and wound up in our bed for the night.

We did manage to get some Christmas shopping done Saturday morning, but the winds were gusting to 40mph and it was just too chilly to stay out long with a little one that didn't feel well. We had made the mistake of telling Chase that Madison's birthday party was that day and he let us know that he wanted to go to Madison's Happy Party RIGHT NOW! I think that might have been another reason I gave up on the Christmas shopping, but I was busy beating my head against the wall so I'm really not sure.

The party itself was at Pump It Up (inflatable equipment place) and was lovely. The kids and adults had a blast, but I decided that taking my fluffy self through the obstacle course while trying to hoist a 30 pound toddler and a 42 pound toddler up the rock wall was more than enough for me. I learned my lesson really quick.

As most of you know we live in the country and after nightfall the roads are dark and dangerous. On our way home we were going about 60 when a very large dog ran right out in front of us. With oncoming traffic on one side and a ditch in the other, Jeff had no choice but to hit it. All I could do was think, "Please don't swerve!" because I knew we'd flip. Unfortunately it killed the dog, but thank God we were OK. I sure love my Tahoe because had we been in a car, we'd have been in trouble. It was awful. Even worse, it was someones pet because it had a harness on... broke our hearts.

On Sunday both of my guys were under the weather and it was just a dreary not fun day. We went out to meet some people looking at a LaZBoy set we were selling and Jeff rolled down the window so that Chase could see us in the storage unit next to him, but still be in the warm, cozy car. When we went to leave the window would not go up. To make a long story short we just had to dish out $480 to replace a cable that had snapped. Can't tell you how happy that makes me.

It just seems seems to be one thing after another. Somebody tell me, it can only get better... right?!?!


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Bummer, I'm so sorry about the dog. Good that Jeff did the right thing, I know that it is instinctual to swerve.

It's almost Christmas and everything will be great, then. Just enjoy the time with your family. Savor it!!

Anonymous said...

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