Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Walk On...

It appears that although there aren't lots of comments made on here, that we do have quite the following for our blog, and if I don't update for a few days I gets lots of how are yous and is everything OK? While I would like to thank everyone for thinking of us, I assure you all that we are fine. Just busy and always seeming to run out of time to get everything done.

I have been having such a hard time with this IVF cycle that I'm determined to get my head and heart passed it and learn to be happy again. Happy to have Chase, happy to have Jeff, and happy to know that this wasn't the end of the road. I've decided I'm going to pick myself up off the ground and walk on (for those Reba fans out there). I think I've kinda said that before, but tomorrow is going to be a brand new day and I think it's the perfect day to start getting on with what's important. Besides, in less than three weeks it's back to work, so I need to enjoy what's left of the summer with my little guy!

I need to upload pictures too, I got an awesome picture of Chase and Jeff, maybe I'll just put that on my to do list!