Thursday, July 5, 2007

We're home with the kids

We picked up three beautiful embryos this morning and we're now all safe and sound, resting at home. It's so funny to me because Dr. G comes in to tell me that I have some, "great looking embryos." Most people would think someone telling them that is totally nuts, but I was thrilled. We transferred two 8-cell and one 6-cell. Dr. G said that had we waited just a few hours (to the time of our retrieval) the 6-cell would have likely been at 8 as well. With Chase we transferred three 8-cell, so I am happy. We didn't really discuss the fourth, they will continue to watch her and see if she makes it to freezing. Dr. G did ask if we wanted to transfer just the two, although he recommend three, and we agreed that we wanted to transfer three. His only rule was that he would not transfer the fourth, we agreed with that too! Now I just have to make it on bed rest until Sunday, I'm already tired of it so it will be a real challenge!

My mom picked up Chase yesterday evening and he was more than happy to go home with her. He gave me a kiss, told me he loved me, and never looked back. I called earlier to say hi and he was much too busy playing to be bothered with talking on the phone. At least I know he's having a good time!


Becky said...

Oh Kahla and Jeff - I'm so happy for you, Chase and of course the girls. I can't believe the great fertility report and I must say that Dr. Gill deserves some sort of award for being the best RE in the WORLD!!!! I look forward to reading about your + in a few days. Enjoy bedrest and just remember to look out for rainbows like we did with me!
Hugs to all and lots of love too!!!