Monday, July 2, 2007

Egg Retrieval Done

We woke up to horrible weather (well I say, woke up, but I'm not sure I ever went to sleep) and decided to leave a little early to ensure making it to the hospital on time. Fortunately Duchess (my mom) flew home last night and was here to stay with Chase so he was able to sleep in and even better, got to play and play all day long!

Since our first round of IVF three years ago the hospital has built a new maternity ward and converted the old maternity ward into a wing strictly for our RE and his procedures. It was pretty nice and knowing that an entire ward and nurses are dedicated to you really rocks. I got changed and settled in while we waited for things to get going. Bad news is I hadn't been allowed to drink since the night before and quickly became dehydrated. That on top of small veins made it nearly impossible to get an IV in. And since an IV was a necessity for anesthesia it quickly became a problem. After three attempts by the nurse (thank God needles don't bother me) the anesthesiologist was called in. 4 more attempts for a total of 7 and the IV was finally in. My arms and wrists look like I've had the crap beat out of me. But it got in and that's what matters.

The retrieval itself went very well and presented no problems. As they retrieve the eggs they put them in vials, something new I learned today. The unofficial count when I woke up was 7 with one vial left, so that means there could be more. 7 is a good number. We didn't want too many because this will likely be our last attempt since I know it will be successful and then we are faced with what to do with the frozens. There are few options, so it can be a tough decision. They will call me tomorrow with the fertilization report. Right now we are praying that 1) the eggs were mature, 2) they fertlize, and 3) they grow/divide well. I'll post an update as soon as I know!

I'm off to rest, I'm quite sore and have had a negative reaction to either the anesthsia or the vicadin (or both). It has me feeling pretty icky (as Jeff's aunt would say). Thanks again for the prayers and notes of support, ya'll rock!


Josie said...

Sounds like another great step towards a perfect IVF cycle. You are flying through this like a breeze. I want to know as soon as that fertilization report comes in!!! ;-)