Saturday, June 30, 2007

My how time flies....

Three years ago today we found out that I was pregnant. We didn't know it was twins and that we would lose one and we didn't know just what truly was in store for us, but we knew that we were finally on the road to holding our sweet, sweet baby in our arms. We knew we were happy and scared and excited. We knew that our prayers had been answered and that a miracle was on the way.

I can remember the phone call like it was yesterday, truly some of the most wonderful words I had ever hard. I was sitting in a workshop and fully expected the usual phone call of, "Your blood work looked great, stay on the same dose of meds, come back day after tomorrow." yet I was greeted with, "Kahla, it looks like you're pregnant!" I was totally taken off guard, which was awesome since having done IVF we figured there would be no *surprise* of finding out because we were on a schedule after all and had been told we would receive a pregnancy test 14 days after our retrieval. Yet we were only 9, how was I to know they were even running a pregnancy test! I immediately cried tears of joy and scared the begeebers out of my instructor, who promptly sent me on my way to share the news with Jeff. I called him as I drove the 20 miles home and have no clue how I kept from screaming into the phone that he was going to be a Daddy... but I did manage it and drove to the place he was, asked him to meet me in the parking lot, and barely let him get a hi out before bursting out with it. Not the most unique way, but it was perfect just the same.

Now three years later we spent the day chasing our 28 month old around, dealing with the terrible twos, and loving every minute of it... well, almost every minute. I could probably deal with out the fit throwing, but then it wouldn't be the terrible twos, would it? I know I've said it before, but it's amazing what a difference three short years can make!

Now for the other good stuff:

I had my ultrasound/blood work yesterday and my ovaries are packed with follicles. I feel like I have two cantaloupes shoved inside me and even Dr. G asked if I was feeling it yet? I promptly responded with a grunted yes and as soon as he turned on the ultrasound he said he could see why.... good sign in my book. I went ahead and stimmed last night and we went in this morning for another ultrasound/blood work. My lead follicle was a 22 and I am 100% ready to go, both mentally and physically. I'm pretty sure that if I don't get these out soon, I'm going to burst! So we're going to trigger tonight at 11:30 (this will make poke number 33 for this round of IVF, but who's counting) and then we'll go to the hospital at 9:00 on Monday for our retrieval. Dr. G made the comment that we are on the exact schedule as Chase as far as triggering on d13, retrieving on d15, transferring on d18, which is cool to me. I commented back that we're all for that because it worked last time, so that's another good sign. He agreed. I guess this will be my last update until after the retrieval so wish us luck!


Josie said...

Girl - it is 9:40 your time Monday morning, and I am bursting at the seams. Get your batoot home and update me! I know it will be a couple hours still, but you know how I love waiting! LOL! I know you are going to be so busy the next few days and look forward to you being on bed rest so that we can catch up finally. TTYVS!