Wednesday, June 27, 2007

19 shots down already!

Since I take two shots a day, we're 19 shots down already! And several blood draws too! ;o) My ultrasound went really well this morning and it looks like there are about 7 follicles (these hold the eggs) on my left ovary and 4 on my right. I think I may have gotten numbers backwards last time, I'm not sure. There could be more we aren't seeing and of course all the ones we can see may not be mature when it comes time to retrieve them, but I think the numbers are looking good. They are measuring between 13 and 15, so we are definitely getting close. I go back Friday for another ultrasound/bloodwork and I'm guessing we'll have dates for our retrieval at that time. It could be as soon as Sunday!

On a side note the carpet is done and it looks awesome! Pictures to come (as soon as I find the camera).