Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Really, I'm going to stick with it this time...

I think this is my fourth try at a blog. I say think because at this point, I'm not even sure anymore. I've tried to stick with it, really I have, I just seem to run out of time or find other things to do that seem a lot more interesting than boring people with my life! But just to humor those reading (and myself) I'm going to give it one last try!

I'm Kahla (a.k.a. Chase's Mommy) and I'm going to be 31 (how the hell did that happen) in about a month. I've been married to my bestfriend, Jeff, for almost 8 years now. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that we married and sometimes it seems like well... 8 years. After struggling with infertility we ventured into IVF in June of 2004 and were blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Chase, in March of 2005. He is definitely the center of our world and was worth everything we went through to get him.

Chase can be described in two words, "all boy." He loves to run, climb, jump, play hard, and get dirty doing it. Bugs, frogs, fish, snakes, dirt, blocks, cars, you name it he "LIKES IT." I can already tell that he's going to be a clone of his father and amazingly enough, I'm thrilled w/that!

As busy as we are, we have made the decision to once again pursue our dreams of adding to our family. Some days I think we are absolutely insane for taking this jump and others I can't wait to have another little one in the house. When we did IVF before we kept a blog of sorts of our journey for our friends to follow along and for us to have to look back on. We had lots of friends and family praying for us and we have no doubt, that the support recieved helped to bless us. It is my goal to do that with this journey as well. So, here goes nothing!

6/11/07 - I recieved my Lupron injection to suppress my system. I take my last birthcontrol pill (that is so weird to me) on Wed and AF should arrive in the next 5-7 days. On d3 I'll get my baseline ultrasound/bloodwork, Jeff will start his antibiotics, and that evening we start our stims. Let the games begin!


Myrannda said...

Good luck with not only keeping up with the blog (I'm realizing how hard that really is), but also with IVF. You know I'll be praying for you, and I know Chase will be a great big brother!