Friday, June 22, 2007

Lookin' Good

Another week of summer vacation gone... *sigh* It's amazing how slowly the school year can go by, yet summer just flies at the speed of light!

After crossing our first IVF hurdle on Monday with the all clear on the bloodwork/ultrasound, we faced hurdle #2 today. I've now been on stims for 5 days (hence I'm getting my green glow) and this morning I had my ultrasound/bloodwork to verify that I was responding. I know I have no reason to worry about these appointments, but I do. It's my nature. If I wasn't worrying, I'd worry about that! I went in and everything looked great on the ultrasound and I have several follicles on both sides that are 9's and 10's, right where they should be. *phew* My bloodwork also looked good, so we'll keep on the same doses med wise and I'll go in on Monday for my next ultrasound/bloodwork.

Jeff has picked up on the shot thing like an old pro, it's almost scary. We are actually 9 shots down already and I'm not even bruised... that bad! I so can't wait to be on the other side of this part, but then that just means more of my summer is gone!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!