Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Big Box 'O Meds

When you do IVF you are on lots of meds. By lots I mean you eventually get to the point that you have so many in your system you are probably glowing a pretty green color. Some of our meds were donated (God bless our RE and those people for that), some we purchased from individuals (when insurance doesn't cover it and it's costs $45/a vial, you find ways around that), and the rest we got from the pharmacy that specializes in this kind of *stuff*. I was so excited when the pharmacy called to tell me that all my meds but one had been covered, mind you, we didn't even try on some, because we already knew the insurance company would send us a laughing telegram for even attempting to have them cover something that is not "medically necessary".

My "big box 'o meds" arrived bright and early this morning via FedEx. Talk about making it hit home. I opened it up to find all my needles (damn there are a LOT of needles in there), antibiotics, Jeff's antibiotics, prenatals the size of my big toe, estrogen, patches (no, not for smoking), etc and immediately remembered just how much went in to all of this. Then I got to the important stuff... the receipts. I quickly decided I really loved how versatile the words, "everything was covered by your insurance" truly are since apparently that means it still cost you over $100 for this one, but hey your insurance company paid $3.00 towards it! Pretty damn exciting considering that will *almost* give me one gallon of gas in the Tahoe. I guess I've just been taking for granted how generous they really are in their coverage after all.


Anonymous said...

It is great what technology can do these days. And on those days when you or Jeff think you can not do it one more day - take a look at the darling boy Chase and think what your life would be like without him - and it will get you through and before you know it, it will be tomorrow.

We love you and have you all in our prayers,
Auntie Jay and Uncle Randy