Monday, June 18, 2007

100 Reasons Why I Love My Daddy - By Chase Alan

***Chase helped me make this for Jeff for Father's Day. I was going to post yesterday in honor of this very special day, but Doodlebug was sick and I never got to sign on. Chase loves his Daddy so much, it's easy to see why!***

1. He stops to let me check the mail with him.
2. He does an awesome Cookie Monster voice just for me.
3. He makes up silly songs for me.
4. He sings with me.
5. He shares his stuff with me.
6. He plays with me.
7. He carries me, even when he’s tired.
8. He gives me lots of hugs and kisses.
9. He tells me that he loves me, all the time.
10. He helps me when I need it.
11. He takes care of me when I’m sick.
12. He laughs with me.
13. He rocks me when I’m sleepy.
14. He helps me brush my teeth.
15. He lets me ride on his shoulders.
16. He protects me.
17. He checks on me at night to make sure I’m ok.
18. When I get hurt, he kisses my booboos all better.
19. He tells me how important I am.
20. He reads to me.
21. He lets me play his video game with him.
22. He can’t wait to take me fishing.
23. He works hard to take care of me and support our family.
24. He’s funny.
25. He’s nice.
26. He’s caring towards everyone.
27. He does special things just for me.
28. He eats popsicles with me.
29. He shares his ding-dongs with me.
30. He cleans up after me.
31. He shares my love for cookies and milk!
32. He cooks food for me.
33. He lets me drive his truck!
34. He makes me feel safe in this big world.
35. He pretends with me.
36. He teaches me new things every day.
37. He helps me learn right from wrong.
38. He sets good examples for me.
39. When I need him he’s always there for me.
40. He tells me “NO” even though I hate that word, because sometimes it’s best for me.
41. He always put my needs before his.
42. He wants what’s best for me.
43. He makes time for me.
44. He holds my hand to keep me safe when we cross the street.
45. He talks to me.
46. He lets me tell all my “friends” goodnight.
47. He makes sure my bed is perfect and ready each evening.
48. He gives me my bath.
49. He rubs me down with lotion so that my skin doesn’t get dry and itchy.
50. He dresses me.
51. He trims my nails so that I won’t scratch myself.
52. He goes to music class with me.
53. He swims with me.
54. He takes picture of me and lets me look at them.
55. He shows me lots of neat things.
56. He encourages me to do new things.
57. He’s proud of me.
58. He goes to great lengths to make me happy.
59. He’s strong.
60. He cuddles with me.
61. He doesn’t mind changing my diapers, even the really nasty ones.
62. He watches over me.
63. He’d do anything for me.
64. He takes me to my doctor’s appointments.
65. He gives me medicine when I’m sick to help me feel better.
66. He worries about me.
67. He chases me and makes me belly laugh.
68. He tickles me until I'm laughing so hard I can’t stand it!
69. He’s silly.
70. He lets me help put the big dogs outside.
71. He lets me “help” even when it’s not really helping.
72. He wants me to be happy.
73. He lets me feed my fish.
74. He thinks about my future and all the things he wants me to do.
75. He can’t wait to take me hunting.
76. He plays the guitar with me.
77. He takes me to church.
78. He always put my carseat in really tight so that I’m safe.
79. He tries very hard to be patient with me.
80. He puts up with me when I’m cranky.
81. When I’m sad he always cheers me up.
82. When I wake up he comes to get me.
83. He likes to show me off to everyone he meets.
84. He picks me up from the sitter when Mommy can’t.
85. He lays down with me during my nap until I fall asleep.
86. He rushes home to see me when he gets off from work.
87. He calls during the day to check on me.
88. He goes to kiddie shows with me.
89. He watches my favorite shows over and over again.
90. He swings me when we walk.
91. He tells me stories.
92. He hides under my blanket with me.
93. He taught me how to reel in the fish.
94. He takes me to all kinds of neat places.
95. He listens to me when I talk to him.
96. He cleans up after me when I make a mess.
97. He always dresses me cute.
98. He lets me claim his drinks as my own!
99. He always smiles at me.
100. He prays for me every single day.

Now, Three Years Ago Today...

Three years ago today we had our retrieval from our first IVF that blessed us with our sweet Chase. When we were struggling with IF every day seemed like forever. The years dragged on and it felt like an eternity of waiting and disappointment. Now the days pass too quickly and what once felt like a lifetime could never possibly be long enough. I look at Chase and I'm amazed at how much can change in three short years. Miracles are everywhere!

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On a note for this IVF journey we are three shots down already! Jeff picked it back up like an old pro and I think that deep down inside he really enjoys sticking me that 1 1/2 inch needle (although he claims that's not the case).


Myrannda said...

AWWWWWW! I think I'm going to cry. What did Jeff think about it?

Anonymous said...

I can think of one more! HE LOVES MY MOMMY!!!!!!

beckyg said...

I can't believe it's been 3 years since your first journey began. I wish I was there to go through this one with you. I guess this means it's also been almost three years since I saw you last. I think we need to change that!!! Best of Luck and I hope you get this same results as your first IVF (except maybe a girl this time). Give Dr. Gill a hug from us! Love to you all!!!