Monday, July 16, 2007

How to make the perfect pizza, Chase style...

Chase is very much into "helping." This means helping with everything from doing the dishes, to giving me my shots each evening, to the best thing of all... making pizza. He LOVES pizza, but then again, what 28 month old doesn't? We usually have pizza once a week (I know, bad) and this is really the first time that Doodlebug got to help. Here is his recipe:

First, make sure that the cheese is ok for human consumption. This means sliding your hand across the pizza and gathering as much cheese/sauce as possible to shove into your mouth at one time. Repeat as necessary.

Next, you must taste each pepperoni before placing it onto the pizza to ensure that is was made with only the best ingredients. You can also do the following: one pepperoni for Chase, one pepperoni for the pizza, one pepperoni for Chase, one pepperoni for the pizza, etc. After ensuring that all pepperonies have been tested accordingly, proceed to do the same with black olives and mushrooms.

Last give a cute grin so that eyes are distracted from the sauce still on your chin, put pizza in oven, bake, and enjoy!


Emily said... Chase looks like he is a pretty great chef!

Anonymous said...

Oooh so delicious! And the pizza looks good too ;)

hugs to the cutest doodlebug