Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bedrest Stinks (and that's putting it nicely)

Have I ever mentioned that infertility sucks, plain and simple? This bed rest stuff is for the birds. Kudos to those women who do this for weeks and months, ya'll are saints! Yes, I know that when we get our positive it will all be worth it, but until then it stinks. I've had so many people tell me that they would just love to lay in bed for 72 hours and that I should enjoy it. I have news for all those people, strict bed rest means you don't get to sit up on the couch or in the recliner. You don't get to do dishes (I know, who'd want to anyway), take a shower, and even putting the dogs out is a real challenge since well... you're not allowed to do that either. You don't get to walk out in the yard, go check the mail, or run to the store down the street. And if you're really lucky, you'll have your husband hovering over you like a helicopter giving you the evil eye if you sit up for more than 10 second to readjust your position. Of course he only means well, but it does make me want to strangle him. It's not like a vacation. It's laying on your side, flat for 72 hours only getting up to go to bathroom. I had no idea I could look forward to that two minutes of heaven so much! Oh, I get to stand up for my shots too, some girls have all the fun!

Now, if bed rest alone isn't bad enough on it's own let's factor in the fact that I haven't seen my little Doodlebug since about 6 on Wednesday evening. This in itself is going to break me. He has been a trooper and has had a grand ol' time with Duchess and Madison. They've gone toy shopping, to the zoo, to the Children's Museum, and to Chuck E. Cheese. My prediction of my mother being worn out was right though and I can tell that she has enjoyed it, but will be happy to be able to sleep in her own bed without two two-year olds *cuddling* with her! Last night Chase finally decided that he misses us and asked to call Daddy. After talking to Daddy he talked to me and then he began to cry. In return I cried. We had decided during this mornings phone call that despite the fact my bed rest does not officially end until tomorrow that my Doodlebug will be returning this evening because neither him or myself can take it any longer. It's time for my precious to come home! *Edited to say that plans changed again and Doodlebug will be returning on Sunday as planned, I'm so sad.*

Now that I've gotten this all out of my system I will say that overall I'm doing well. Just tired and sore of laying around. I would practically kill (or at least maim) for a shower right now and can't wait to wash my hair in the morning. I'm crampy now and then but I was the same way with Chase, so that's not a bad sign at all. I am making frequent bathroom trips, but that again is only because my ovaries are still enlarged and pushing on my bladder that is already not the same since having Chase... is that too much information for ya'll?

I really wish that we would get the good news on my birthday next Friday, but that will be a tad early and I don't see it happening. I do go in for blood work on Monday and then every other day after. As four our needle poke count, I think I'm up to 43, but I'd have to sit down and count for an exact number!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and thanks for letting me rant!


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