Friday, August 3, 2007

Mommy, I farted from right there!

**disclaimer: this post may offend some - farting and burping mentioned**

Yep it's official, my son is as all boy as his father is. Farting and burping is a constant amusement around our household. Since I know that *everyone does it* I'm not too offended as long as there's an excuse me or pardon me afterwards and it's not done outside of our house where other humans can witness the act. My son has apparently inherited the joys of this from his father and recently began working on his own skills. You can hear him throughout the day pretending to burp and then congratulating himself on a job well done. When a real one pops out, he lights the room up with laughter.

Even happier is the occasion when he lets a *toot* out and then goes on to tell you that he farted from right there, while pointing to his hiney... all with a huge smile on his face. Yes, I am a proud Momma! Of course, my MIL is mortified by all of this, but surely we can't be the only household that is like this. I always assumed that it was a male thing and a trait that went along with that gene. And don't worry, if you come to the house for a visit we'll do our best to make sure we have good manners at least long enough to not expose you to any toxins. Actually, I'm kind of just hoping we outgrow this before we hit elementary school, I could just imagine what my co-teachers would think!


Anonymous said...

That's my grandson and I'm proud of him! Can you imagine if he is ever in a talent show. Love Duchess

Josie said...

(((Blushing))) As you know we are an all female house except for Brian and that is major entertainment here too. We are still working on the "only at home" part, and rarely have a giggle fest over it in public. The cutest part of all of this is we call Macy by a new nickname. Mace Mace with a stinky face. And she says, not my face.... my bottom!!! YIKES!!! Dad taught her this. So, I guess you can't say it is boys and men!