Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Greatest Show On Earth

As I sat looking over my blog I realized that the last few posts have been some serious downers and that I really needed a major pick-me-up... and, as we all know there is no better pick-me-up than my Little Doodlebug. This past Saturday we had the chance to attend Chase's first ever circus. It just so happened that this past May I read an email at just the right time and managed to grab us 6 2nd row floor seats for the Greatest Show on Earth! By grab I mean spend a small fortune on 6 2nd row floor seats and by fortune I mean right at $400... but it was Chase's first circus after all and that only comes once in a lifetime so I figured the splurge was worth it.

Mads, Uncle Will, and Duchess joined us and we had a spectacular time. I will say that the circus has changed quite a bit from what I remember (which isn't much) and is no longer lots of animals but tons of action and stunts. We saw the white tigers, Smashcar (the clown version of Nascar), clowns galore, elephants, tricks on horses, out of this world acrobats, trained cats and dogs, and our most breath-taking the motorcycles in the sphere. There was so much your mind was just spinning, the list could go on and on. The motorcycles were the last act and absolutely amazing. Chase never had a nap and I still don't think he ever took his eyes off of the show. It was so neat to be right up by the action and even though I know he won't remember it, we always will. I really do think it was the Greatest Show on Earth! Watching my Doodlebug in awe of the magic *almost* made me feel like a kid again, it was worth every cent.