Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Visit 2010!

I have to admit, I was worried how this years Santa visit would go with Emery. She's a bit of a Momma/Daddy's girl and although she's pretty friendly, she only wants people holding her on her terms. Our shirts that we had ordered for the kids came in today and we figured we'd give it a go. If we went now and it was a disaster, we could always try again later. Turns out, I was worried for nothing!

I know she doesn't look real amused here, but believe me, she gave plenty of smiles. This just happened to be the picture where they were all looking, so it's the one I chose to put on here. I love the place we go because the Santa is good, there are no lines, and if you buy something (no matter how cheap) you can take as many pictures as you want with your own camera!

Outside of Santa's Cottage they have a huge Christmas tree with big box presents. We snapped some pics here before seeing Santa and they were so adorable. I just wish Chase's glasses didn't reflect so bad. We'll go back during the day and get some more w/o the flash. However, here are the ones we got!

Madison was with us and I thought this came out good of all three of them! Are the shirts not just adorable?

A family shot.
Kids talking w/Santa. It's amazing that each year Santa has a little something extra for each of them. Wonder how he knows to do that?

Mads and Santa
Chase and Emery w/Santa.
The "official" Santa picture.

We have so much to do and I'm sure we'll pay another visit to Santa. Since it's close, not crowded, and inexpensive, we usually end up going a few times each December. Tomorrow it's time to put up Christmas lights, let the fun begin!

****I am grateful for
1) no lines
2) adorable matching shirts
3) time to talk with Santa
4) no freak-outs by the Princess
5) more memories in the making


Stacy E. said...

Great Christmas pics! They turned out so cute! Love the matching shirts, too! All the kids looked adorable!

Chelle said...

Those pictures are so adorable. Seriously! I bet you were so happy with the way they turned out. I know I would be. The shirts are really stinking cute too.

Amber said...

That's a great family picture!! Glad you had a good experience. We'll be attempting Drake's first picture next weekend.

Josie said...

Love the shirts! The kids look so happy!