Monday, November 29, 2010

This is just how we roll.

A while back I blogged about how Chase's first set of tubes stayed in less than a year and how they were concerned that his second set had not come out. They had said that in March we would discuss going in and surgically removing the remaining tube (one was out at this point) if it were still in there because we were quickly approaching the maximum time allowed to keep them in. Then, less than a month later, our prayers were answered and the tube came out on it's own... crazy! However, almost immediately he had an ear infection. Not good. That was on October 25. Got it cleared up and we were good to go again. Then, Tuesday night he woke up crying and moaning. Ear infection #2 in less than a month. :o( Not good again.

Now I know ear infections aren't contagious. However, I'm almost to the point of wondering if maybe they are. As we were working on getting Chase better, Saturday morning Emery starting running a temp. After 24 hours of us fighting to break it and a very runny nose, it was off to urgent care on Sunday. Would you like to guess the culprit? Double ear infection. Seriously? Apparently not only do my children look just alike, they like to have the same illnesses too. I guess Emery didn't want big brother to out-do her.

So, it's winding down like this. If Chase continues with ear infections, we are looking at a third set of tubes. A third set! Ugh! I don't even have the last set paid off yet (anesthesia is a killer). And I imagine that if Emery continues on this path (I believe this is #3), she'll be looking at following in her big brother's shoes. Monkey see, monkey do I suppose.

If anyone asks what I want for Christmas, just tell them I'd like a money tree.

****I am grateful for
1) if we need tubes, at least we live where we have access to them
2) if we need tubes, at least they will help keep my little babies from getting sick
3) if we need tubes, at least we have capable doctors that I trust
4) if we need tubes, at least it won't be our first go round and we know what to expect
5) if we need tubes, at least there's always a payment plan!


Amber said...

My sorry Kahla! My friend's son is on the same journey as yours. He actually just had his adenoids taken out the day before Thanksgiving and now he is recovering from a bad case of tonsillitis. Hopefully Emery won't have to have tubes, too.

Stacy E. said...

Ugh! I hate those nasty ear infections! Praying that neither one of them needs tubes and that they both feel better soon!

M and M Mommy said...

Poor things! (And poor mommy!) Sorry to hear about your struggles with ear infections. That really sucks.


Chelle said...

My daughter had to have tubes last year too. She got them in the day after her first birthday and they stayed in maybe 7 months. I was so disappointed. I am worried she will need them again, but so far she has only had one ear infection this fall.

I hope your son doesn't need a third set. Poor babies. :(

P.S. We were down in Houston for TG, which is when we went to the Ren Fest. Wouldn't it be fun to meet up there next year?