Friday, December 31, 2010

Meet our new addition - Yoda!

This is Yoda, the newest member of our household. I'll be honest, I had no intentions of getting another dog any time soon even though Chase has been begging for one for months. I did not want to do the teaching sit/stay/come/listen to what I'm saying thing and I certainly didn't want to do the whole potty training thing. Just not my thing. Then we heard about Yoda (formally known as Wheezy).

Yoda/Wheezy lived with my nephew (well, technically he's not, but I claim him) , his wife, and their two year old son, Hunter. While Yoda/Wheezy was really a good dog, they were afraid that Hunter was just too rough and was going to hurt him, so they wanted a good home for him. He's about French that's about a year and a half old, crate trained, potty trained, and really good with kids. I must have been crazy that night, but I agreed that he could come live with us (the potty trained was the deal maker).

We told Chase that sometimes if you're really good Santa brings a present early (little white lies are OK when you're a parent). We went out to dinner last Friday and when Chase came home, Yoda was waiting on him. He was beyond thrilled and they have been inseparable ever since. We decided to name him Yoda since he resembles our beloved Star Wars character so closely.

I'll admit, he's so ugly he's cute and he really is a friendly little guy. We have got to work on this whole chewing thing, but my vet assures me that as he gets older, that will get better. It better. He's been great with the kids and other animals and the kids/animals have been great with him. Last night he even slept in a bed next to Molly in our room without any issues. I have a feeling that with time, this will be a great relationship!

****I am grateful for
1) new friends
2) new relationships
3) Yoda came potty trained
4) the smile on Chase's face
5) fate