Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Pictures at last!

Our Christmas was wonderful and full of great family and friends. We had a beautiful candlelight, family style Christmas Eve service followed by time with Jeff's family. Too bad all the pictures are on the flip video (I guess I'll add those later). Then we got up bright and early Christmas morning to a living room full of presents that the kids went wild for. Chase, as always, was much too busy to allow me to take pictures, but I did get a few in there. Here are a few from our celebrations!

Our little family (we can never get everyone smiling at once)

Emery was not in a picture taking mood, this was the best of the two believe it or not!

Our Little Princess

Man I love her!

I think we can safely assume he likes it!
Santa came! (Notice only the top half of our tree is decorated? Chase got tired of Emery taking off ornaments so he moved them all up... hilarious!)

A rare shot of Chase

Emery LOVES her PBK Anywhere Chair, but so did her big brother! Needless to say, he now has one of his own in order to keep the fighting under control!

Duchess got this awesome playhouse for Emery, now we need to screen in our deck so she can go out there and play and I can have my garage back!

"Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Emery!" Does anyone get that?
As Chase put it, "This was the best Christmas ever!" Hope everyone else had a great Christmas as well and wishing you all a very safe and happy New Year!

****I am grateful for
1) good times w/family and friends
2) giving to others
3) new toys to keep kiddos busy
4) very generous loved ones
5) more holiday memories


Amber said...

What a great picture of you and Emery!! Every time I see those chairs, I think they are so cute...we might have to get one of those for Drake! Glad you had a nice Christmas!