Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Wow, totally MIA on you. In my defense I left early Saturday morning to go to Ohio and visit my friend that lost her four day old son in November. It was a great trip under the circumstances and very hard to leave, although it was hard to be gone! I missed Jeff and the kids more than words can say!!!!

They live in Marblehead, Ohio, which is about as north as you can get without going in to Canada. To say it was chilly is an understatement, but I loved it! It is a tiny town that sits right on Lake Erie and is absolutely beautiful! They have an old lighthouse and all these gorgeous houses. Everything was covered in snow and looked like a postcard. Jessica and I managed to get most of her Christmas shopping done, caught up on things, went site-seeing, and overall just spent some much needed time together. Her oldest, Caitlynn, was one of our flower girls when we got married. She was three. She's now 14 and almost 6 inches taller than me. Everett is in third grade and very smart. Then the youngest, Isaac, is 16 months old and just freaking adorable! I'm sure it's because he's so close to Emery's age, but I could have just packed him up and brought him home with me!

As hard as it was to leave, I went ahead and drove back to Cleveland late Monday evening so that I wouldn't have to make the hour and a half drive Tuesday morning. I got up at 2:30 our time yesterday to return the rental car and catch the red-eye home because I just couldn't be away any longer. It is so nice to be home, but I already miss Jessica and the kids. I wish they would move back down here, but I understand that sometimes we don't get what we want.

The kids did great while I was gone and as always, Jeff was Superdad. Man I love him! I'm pretty sure they missed me as much as I missed them though because I'm not allowed more than about two feet away from either one. If one's not in my lap, the other is! Not to mention Jeff said that Emery had slept all night, every night while I was gone, but sure enough, last night she was awake and calling for Mama. That's OK, I was more than happy to snuggle (although I'm totally, completely exhausted).

If you have time to say a prayer, please send one Jessica's way (and Chris, Caitlynn, Everett, and Issac). Obviously she is still having a very hard time with Simon's death, but I have a feeling this is going to be even more difficult time just because of the holidays. Thanks!

***I am grateful for
1) a wonderful trip
2) a safe trip
3) time spent with old friends
4) being home with my babies and Jeff
5) stepping stones


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Thanks for your kind words.