Saturday, July 24, 2010

Whoever said that babies don't get strep....

is dead wrong. Thursday afternoon The Princess started running a fever and got very clingy and still. Anyone who knows Emery knows that this is not normal. She is a happy, on-the-go girl all of the time. I talked to the nurse and she said if she ran a fever for 24 hours to bring her in and get her ears checked. We had never had a fever with any of her ear infections, but since she was still running the fever on Friday morning and had been up every hour Thursday night I decided we were going in. I did not want to have a sick baby in urgent care over the weekend. Plus, she was just pitiful. :o( Normally the kids are usually better the minute we walk into the pedi office, but not today. Her temp was at 102.1 and she was not a happy girl. After an all clear on her ears and lungs Dr. M (not our normal pedi, she was booked) decided to look in her throat. That's when it went downhill. White spots and nasty. He ran a strep and sure enough, it came back positive. Do not EVER let them tell you a baby can't get strep! I'm so thankful I took her in and didn't wait it out. The thought of strep never even crossed my mind, but I should have known. High fever, didn't want to eat, excessive drooling because she didn't want to swallow. We are four doses down on the antibiotics and she has finally stopped running a fever (knock on wood) and is no longer contagious. Hopefully no one else will get it! Just 2-4 days and we'll be in the all clear. I'm just glad our Princess is feeling better and getting back to her happy little self!

~ Kahla

****I am grateful for
1) The Princess is feeling much better
2) a better night (I hope)
3) a good day
4) smiles are back
5) new and exciting things coming to my blog


What IF? said...

Ugh, so sorry to read your little princess has Strep! Glad she's on the mend and I do hope you are able to get some sleep again. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. :)