Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 9 Month Birthday Princess Emery!!!

Dear Princess Emery,

Today you are 9 months old and have officially been out of my belly longer than you were in it!! I can't believe that in 3 short months you'll be a whole year. I swear you are growing by leaps and bounds every single day, Paw says you are growing every minute! I think he may be right. You are doing so many new things, that I'm going to have to just do a list. These last two weeks have just been amazing in the growth department.

~ You learned to suck through a straw this month and if you see someone drinking something, you will scream until you get a drink. Sometimes you drink so hard that you are completely out of breath!
~ On July 1st you really got the crawling down and you haven't stopped since. If you hear us tell you, "no!" you look us, grin, and crawl even faster! It's adorable, but tells me that you are going to be a handful!
~ You can sit up in the blink of an eye.
~ You can stand up even faster! One second you're sitting and the next you're on your feet!
~ You will try to walk holding our hands. I think you'll be an earlier walker than your big brother was, partially because you are determined to keep up with him!
~ You have started "dancing" to music. You bounce up and down and squeal with delight.
~ You are trying to stand on your own. It's crazy! Today you managed to stand unassisted for about three seconds. I know that's not long, but in baby time it's an eternity! We are in so much trouble! You get yourself to a standing position and just let go of whatever your holding on to. You are so proud of yourself when you do it too!
~ You have 7 teeth. 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom.
~ You're a great eater and don't really turn anything down. If you see us eating, you always want to taste and again, you'll scream until you get your way (I may see a pattern with this).
~ You can throw a fit big time. You lay on your back and slam your feet up and down. Hoping you outgrow this one!
~ You love to blow raspberries.
~ You had your first beach trip and loved the sand! You loved it so much, you had a big mouthful of it!
~ You start playing with your hair when you are sleepy (or my hair if you can get to it). It's a sure sign when you're ready for the sandman to visit.
~ You are very tactile and love to use your feet to feel things. You rub them like crazy against the floor and any other surface you can.
~ You've decided the jumperoo is a pretty fun toy and go crazy in it!
~ You are always pulling on your ears. I have been so worried about ear infections, but they are still as clear as can be. Dr. Q just thinks it's a habit - no ear piercing for you any time soon though.
~ You say "mama" and "dada" and talk a lot. I can't wait to hear what your voice will sound like.
~ We lowered your crib tonight, we'll see how that goes.
~ When you drink out of a cup or water bottle, you stick your tongue over the rim, it's really cute.
~ You started wrinkling your nose, it's one of the cutest things I have ever seen!
~ You look just like your big brother, good thing he's so cute!
~ You are 19.11 lbs (50-75%) and 27 1/2" (50%). You're head is 18 cm (90%), but we like babies with a big head! Also, your pedi said you perfect and actually ahead in your fine motor skills, way to go Emery (not that we had any doubt)!

Oh my sweet baby girl, you are such a blessing. You bring joy and smiles to everyone you meet. You are a very happy little girl and we get lots of compliments about that. Actually, the comments always, and I mean ALWAYS go like this, "Oh my, look at her blond hair and blue eyes! I just love her hair!!" and then, "Wow, she looks just like Chase! It's scary they look so much alike. Did he have blond hair?" and last, "She is such a happy baby, does she ever cry? Is she always this happy?" If I had a dime for every time we've heard those comments, we'd be rich!

Every single day I have to pinch myself to make sure that this is reality and not a dream, because it sure feels like I'm dreaming. I never imagined I could be this lucky. I had hit the jackpot with your big brother, so hitting it twice was just unimaginable!

We love you sweet Emery!

~ Mommy

Enough with the pictures Mom!
Wrinkling that nose, adorable!

Princess Emery, so beautiful

9 month band aid shot - she would not lay down for anything

Trying to stand on her own, she is just barely holding on to my finger

Me and my Princess!
****I am grateful for
1) 9 unforgettable months!
2) great doctor's visits
3) Chase tests for his next belt on Friday
4) Duchess may come this weekend (please, please, please!)
5) opportunities on the horizon


madrecita said...

She is soo cute!! Doesn't it go so fast??

Stacy E. said...

Happy 9 months, pretty girl! You are such a sweet, adorable baby!

Aunt Stacy

The One and Only Chelle said...

AHHH! She is cute as a button!