Monday, July 19, 2010

Oops, I did it again!

Ack, I whole entire week without posting. Are ya'll still around? You know, since I'm sure you've been hanging by a thread waiting for my updates. Stalking my blog daily, hourly. ;o) Actually, we just had a really busy week. I have a whole blog post that I'm in the midst of writing that is all about Chase and his accomplishment this past Friday. It'll be up later today... I promise!

Now for the not so good stuff:

My heart is very heavy today. My cousin, Rachael, the one that Chase was a ring bearer for in October 2008, lost her MIL today. She had been battling cancer and I know this was expected but that doesn't make it any less painful. I simply can't imagine losing your mother, much less losing her at such a young age. My heart it just broken for them. Please send a prayer their way, to Josh and Rachael, along with the rest of their family.

My grandmother also lost her BIL (well, ex BIL, but him and his wife had remained close to her) yesterday. Bessie and Dave were married for over 50 years, I just can't imagine losing your spouse like she has. Please send prayers to her and her son.

Third, Jeff's Great-Aunt Margie had a massive stroke yesterday. Apparently his cousin has been told that the prognosis is poor. :o( His cousin is devastated. Please send prayers to them as well.

Thanks in advance!

****I am grateful for
1) time that was spent with family
2) memories of the past that will be with you in the future
3) prayers
4) support
5) new life


Stacy E. said...

Sending up prayers for all of them.

Myrannda said...

I'm going to swipe part of your post for mine as well, and if you hear of anything Rachael and Josh need, please let me know. I plan on calling them later.

Give Nana and everyone a hug for me, and keep me posted on Jeff's Great Aunt. Lots of prayers going up.