Monday, July 19, 2010

Chase earned a new belt!

On Friday Chase had his Tiny Tiger testing for his brown stripe belt. As always he did awesome! I'm always amazed at how much he has learned over the last year and a half. He is such a smart little guy! He is the only Tiny Tiger that gets to work with a bow and is the highest ranked in his school. In fact, he is the highest ever ranked Tiny Tiger since Mrs. Sophia has been teaching at his martial arts school... pretty impressive! He earned his belt with flying colors and is now only four belts (one year) away from his Tiger Belt (orange with a black stripe)!!!! Here are two videos from the big day. Enjoy! We are so proud of you Chase!

By the way, he is wearing blue pants because he was the leader for the week. Each week they pick the student that has done the best job and they get to be the leader for the next week. He's already earned it twice!!! And to be honest, he is always really, really good. I think the pants should go back and forth between him and a little girl in his class (but they try to give everyone a chance).

~ Kahla

****I am grateful for
1) my Tiny Tiger
2) a patient teacher
3) new skills
4) proud moments
5) Chase's accomplishments!


Amber said...

Way to go, Chase!

Stacy E. said...

Great job, Chase! I'm very proud of you!

Aunt Stacy

Chelle said...

Congrats to Chase! That is such an accomplishment. It sounds like you have a true black belt in the works. :)

I love how on your sidebar above the pictures of your adorable children you say, "The reason I was born." I've been saying that exact same thing since my daughter was born. She is the reason for my existence. Parenthood is such an incredible blessing.

The One and Only Chelle said...

You must be bursting with pride!! Congrat's Chase!!