Thursday, July 8, 2010

Burp Rags are coming to The Pink Bulldog again!

I went over to my grandma's yesterday since my machine is over there and worked on some new burp rags. I found some super cute material for boys that I just fell in love with and really wanted to see what they would look like. The first set are the only girl rags I did yesterday, but I have a ton of material that needs to be cut and sewn for girls and will have more soon. I'm also about to start playing around with burp rags made w/o the cloth diapers. We'll see how it goes. Remember they measure approx. 19'' x 13 1/2'', are made with soft cotton Gerber cloth diapers, and pricing is:

1 for $6
2 for $10
3 for $15
4 for $20

Shipping will be $3.00 and if you are local then I'm more than glad to meet you to save on shipping!

Adorable for girls!

Could not get these pictures to turn right for anything! The rest on here are for boys.

Brown w/blue polka dots (looks black in this pic, but it's brown)

John Deere

Adorable monkeys!

Stripes (this one is sold, but I have material to make two more)

Circus Pets

Circus Set (again, the striped is sold, but I can make another)

This is just to show how the fabric is sewn down the middle of the cloth diaper.
If you have questions or are interested please go check out The Pink Bulldog or send me an email. If you don't see what you want listed, then conversation me and we'll see what we can do!

Also coming soon to The Pink Bulldog will be baby bandannas (like Emery had on here)!

~ Kahla

****I am grateful for
1) shelter
2) naps, oh how I love them when I get them
3) my sewing machine
4) cute stuff
5) new material


Myrannda said...

Please tell me that some special little cousin will get to be a guinea pig and try them out for you! Please??? She won't be here until November, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind being a test subject!

They look awesome, and I hope they sell really well for you! I love them!