Friday, July 9, 2010

A Boy's Built-In Bestfriend

Everyone knows that boys and girls are different down, ahem, "there." I can remember when Chase was just a tiny baby that his boyhood would get stiff because that's just what those things do apparently. Of course Jeff would just smile and do the whole, "that's my boy!" thing. I, on the other hand, was always asking if this was normal because let's face it, girl stuff just isn't like that! As Chase has gotten bigger we've gotten the occasional, "my teetee hurts" an sure enough there it was standing at attention. Well this last week it has been multiple times a day and the little guy is just miserable with it. I assured him that it would go away and his response was, "how many days will it take?" Jeff looks at me and says, "Days? Has he been taking via.gra?" Oh, the joys of boys!

~ Kahla

***I am grateful for
1) my boys
2) cute comments
3) innocence of children
4) Daddy so he can handle that boy stuff as Chase grows!
5) a sense of humor


Amber said...

LOL! I love it!! Thanks for letting me know what I have to look forward to. :-)