Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Emery is two weeks old!

Sweet Emery,

Today you are two weeks old, in fact, your actual birthday is in one hour from the time I type this. How have two weeks gone so quickly? You have already changed so much and are simply a blessing to us all. I can tell we are going to have a lot of fun in the years to come!

You are a very good baby and we are very grateful. Mommy read that babies your age cry for an average of four hours, I told Duchess that you probably cry for an average of four minutes (knock on wood)! Your big brother had reflux so bad that we are not used to having a quiet baby and we are really liking it!!!!

You sleep very well and we are now waking you every four hours to eat. Sometimes you'll start squeaking a little earlier than that and we'll get you fed and you are happy. You are very content to be held and are very much a people baby. Of course, we don't complain about that one bit and every person that meets you could sit and hold you all day... if we'd let them! But we are greedy and want to do it ourselves!

Nursing is still touch and go and totally depends on your moods. Usually early mornings and evenings you will nurse readily, but other times you want nothing to do with it. That's OK though, all that matters is you are healthy and home!

We are so thankful to have you and your big brother in our lives, not a moment goes by that I don't wonder just how I got this lucky! I love you little girl, you and Chase make everything worth it!


P.S. I won't mention that your new nickname is Princess Poops-A-Lot... because one day down the road, that might be embarrassing to you, and I'd never want to have that happen! ;o)

****I am grateful for
1) two weeks old!
2) my Prince and Princess and my Knight (can't forget Daddy)
3) Duchess comes home this week!!!!!!
4) Chase has his first fall festival this weekend.. fun!
5) grocery shopping for the week is done!


Rooney's Little Musings said...

So Sweet!

...and you NEVER have to thank me for prayers! I'm just paying YOU back for all the ones you've sent up for us!

Really, I'm so glad we could support each other through some tough times!

Anonymous said...


The Amazing Trips said...

Kahla!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is absolutely beautiful. What a sweet, sweet baby girl. I am so happy for you, Chase & Jeff! :)

KuKd Chick said...

What a cute little chubster! Love that baby chin. ;-)

Amanda Hoyt said...

:) Adorable
I think both our girls should be called "Poops Alot!"
I swear we go through about 2 million diapers a day!!

Michelle said...

Wow you have a good baby there and she is just so cute...what a blessing!

Lindy said...

She is absolutely gorgeous. What a blessing. We love her already and can't wait to play!!!!

Stacy E. said...


I'm so HAPPY for y'all! Emery is SWEET and ADORABLE and so much fun to cuddle with! :-) I already love that little girl, and YES I could hold her FOREVER.. :-) So, give me a call ANY time!



Joy said...

Such a precious little girl! And we have that sleeper as well. Zoe wore hers yesterday, ha ha!!! I think it's super adorable.