Sunday, October 18, 2009

Answered Prayers, Emery is Home!

Yesterday's bili test showed that Emery's number had come down from 16 to 12.4. As it turned out our pedi was on call so we were glad to know that she would actually be coming in to see us, we just didn't know when. I decided to take Emery out from under the lights and give nursing a try again before feeding her and she not only latch on, she nursed for 30 minutes... 3o MINUTES!!!!! In fact, she probably would have continued to nurse but 1) she fell asleep and 2) Dr. Q (our pedi) came in and I took her off so that we could checked her out. I could tell from the moment Dr. Q came in that it was going to be good because she was smiling. :o) She told us the number was doing exactly what we wanted and how glad she was that we had made the decision to go ahead an bring Emery back in on Thursday instead of waiting until Friday because we were able to head it off. She checked her out and said that she looked great and that she felt like she was doing well!!! We talked about using a SNS (I had just spoken with a lactation consultant about our nursing issues) and she agreed that it would be beneficial since Emery has continued to latch. She wrote an order for some eye drops since Emery now has a blocked tear duct thanks to all the crying, and she made the decision to release her!!! We'll take her back in tomorrow for a followup but she feels that we are past the danger zone!!!!!!

We are so very thankful to be home and I'd love to just sit and hold Emery and nurse her all day long, but I know I have to do other stuff as well. Chase was so happy to see us, but not nearly as happy as we were to see him. Thank you to everyone for all of the prayers, I truly believe that prayer is powerful and I've seen prayers answered many times in my life. This time was no exception!!!! I need to go wake our sleeping beauty, but here are some pics of our prince and princess. ;o)

Also, a huge shout-out to my friend, Amanda, that sent us the cow Minky to match Emery's car seat. When she would get so upset at the hospital we would wrap her in a minky and it would almost immediately calm her down (of course then we had to unwrap her to put her back under the lights). We would have been lost without it!!! Not to mention we've gotten so many compliments on it too. You rock Amanda!!!

Now to the pics!

Big Brother (by the window, he LOVES that) and Little Sister

Emery on her cow minky, she loves it!

A little princess!

****I am grateful for
1) all the prayers
2) numbers that are down!
3) we are home!!!!
4) latching
5) God


Stacy E. said...

Emery is so CUTE! And I love the bow! So happy that she is home! Praise God! YAY!!!!! :-)

Now...when does Aunt Stacy get to hold little Miss Emery again?! ;-)

Love you guys! Let me know if you need anything.


kelley said...

I am so happy to hear you are back home with your little miracle. She is soooo precious. I hope to visit you guys in the next few weeks.

Joy said...


She's so beautiful!

Katie Baker said...

Glad you guys are home. We've been thinking about you guys and praying hard for that sweet baby girl!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Praise the Lord that she is home and healthy!! I'm so glad the minky helped her while in the hospital :)
Many hugs and continued prayers,

bb said...

oops! I didn't see this post before I commented on the earlier one. SO GLAD she is home!! yaya!! And such a CUTIE ;-)

Mommy Daisy said...

I'm so glad that she's home and everyone is happy. And even more happy that she's latching well. (I had similar issues with my son.) I pray things continue to go great!