Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mental Sticky Notes

~ You are the most awesome big brother. If Emery cries, you immediately try to soothe her and are very concerned (not that she cries often). It's adorable and wonderful to watch.

~ We put Emery in the swing for the first time and you were terrified that it was going too fast and would not stop telling us. It was on the slowest setting! ;o)

~ You have become very brave and big, I look at you and you seem to have grown by a foot just in the last week. Maybe because you are so big compared to your little sister. However, you are still my first baby and always will be.

~ The other night you slipped while getting off our bed and hit your elbow, hard, on the pack-n-play. Normally we would have seen some tears but Emery was asleep on the bed and you did not want to wake her so you simply walked over to me, looked at me w/those big, blue eyes, and I could tell you were hurting. I kissed it and a vitamin made it much better. It was very brave and big.

~ You absolutely LOVE Star Wars and playing w/them. You are your father made over.

~ You are doing great in school. Most days you are happy to go, unless you are tired. Then it's not quite as exciting to have to be up and moving.

~ You are not really a morning person at all, but neither am I.

~ You are a very good little boy and always amaze me at how well behaved you are. Don't get me wrong, we have our moments like any typical four year old, but 95% of the time, you are rockin' it!


~ You are already changing just since we met you a week and a half ago. You are an excellent baby and rarely ever cry. The only times you get upset are if you are hungry and we aren't feeding you fast enough or if you want to be held. We are more than happy to accommodate you on either.

~ When you are taking a bottle you make a little sound with each suck, it's very cute. Almost like you are letting us know that this is making your little tummy nice and full.

~ Everyone comments on your blond hair... everyone! In fact, the first comment is always about how pretty you are and the second comment is always about your blond locks.

~ I know it's just gas that makes you smile right now, but it's so stinkin' cute!

~ I love to cuddle with you at night, you are a definitely cuddle bug.

~ You remind me so much of your brother, there are certain things you do and ways you look that I swear ya'll could be the same baby!

~ You always have your hands by your face, just like you did in your ultrasounds. Always.

I love you both more than words could ever say.


****I am grateful for
1) Chase is adapting to his baby sister so well!
2) Emery is a GREAT baby!
3) Emery is still nursing some, beats none at all!
4) Tomorrow is Friday!
5) My family, how did I get so darn lucky?


Stacy E. said...

I LOVE this picture!! Chase, you are such a sweet boy! :-)

And I really liked this post.....very touching!!

Mrs. Pod said...

AWWW! I laughed out loud about the I know its just gas that makes you smile...hehehe...(you know I am SUCH a fan of gas stories!) We have a new word for that area of the body. Its now known as the Toot Machine...haha.

I love the Mental Sticky Notes. I might have to swipe that idea too! ;)

I am still hopeful to get to see the two of yall and Chase and Emery today...or sometime this weekend!

Amanda Hoyt said...

How cute!! Love this post and the pic :) Give your cuties a hug for me!

Rooney's Little Musings said...

So Sweet! Loved this post!

BOTH of your Babies are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww, that just touched my heart and made me teary!!!! Chase is such a doll and your love for him (and the line about him growing a foot this week and still always being your first baby) really moved me. Also his bravery and sweet thoughtfulness of Emery. Also the picture. So much sweet wonderfulness!!! Emery is so beautiful and sounds so very sweet.

And YAY that she is nursing some!!! That is definitely awesome!

So happy for you all!