Monday, October 5, 2009

A Pumpkin Diaper Baby and Bows

How cute is this????? One of my friends, Peggy, brought this to me at work today. I met Peggy when I had her oldest daughter in first grade and now I have the pleasure of having her again in third grade. It's a double treat, a great kid and a great mom!!!! Peggy makes these and sells them (need info, I can hook you up) and I can't think of anything more fitting for Our Little Pumpkin!

Yesterday I went with Alisa and Madison to a bow making class and it was a great rainy-day treat! We had a lot of fun and made some not-so-bad bows for our first try! I definitely plan on getting some ribbon and making more. The spider web was the last one I made and I think it's the best... of course it's big so it'll have to wait until next year to be worn.

There were more bows but our internet is SLOW today and I'm giving up on uploading pics. I made two others and Alisa made Emery two as well. They were all very cute!

I had my last OB appointment/NST this afternoon and all was well. I'm scheduled to be at the hospital at 6 on Sunday night and Monday Emery is being evicted!!!! It kinda freaks me out to think about it, so perhaps I'll think about it tomorrow... and maybe I'll pack some bags, put the carseat in, bring the swing/pack-n-play in, etc. Poor Emery, we were so much more on top of it w/Chase!

***I am grateful for
1) good friends (that are VERY crafty)
2) a good appt
3) this time next week we'll hold Sweet Emery in our arms!
4) Chase does NOT have the flu (we didn't think it did, it's all those darn allergies)
5) my grandparents are getting settled into their new house and we love having them closer!


Josie said...

Bows are awesome. Are they hard to do? I alwahys like bows and hats on the girls.

6 more days. Just think, this is your last Monday as the mother of 1 child!!!

Joy said...

Holy toledo!!! Monday?!?!?!

Eh, don't worry about feeling unprepared. Each pregnancy I have I get more and more unprepared, too! LOL!

The Carty Party Mom said...

Yippeee! I made the blog. I hope you liked your little gift. I was so happy to see everyone from our house was back to themselves and healthy so I could concentrate on finishing your gift for Emery before you left on leave. I hope it made your day. I've already started working on Miss Emery's very first tutu as a special gift! Looking forward to seeing first pics.

Amanda Hoyt said...

That pumpkin is too cute and so are the bows! I can't believe you'll be holding Emery in less than a week! I' m soo happy for you!
Many hugs and prayers,

Rooney's Little Musings said...

I am so excited for you!

I'm also envious of your bow making skills. All attempts here have been very sad looking!