Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tomorrow is a big day for Chase!

Last Thursday night we had Meet the Teacher at Chase's school and he was pretty excited. We had gotten the postcard from his teacher, Miss. Caren, the night before and he made us read it to him time and time again. As soon as we walked into his class (Station 8) a co-worker of mine came over and asked me if Chase was in that room. She was so glad to hear me say yes because her little girl is also in that room! If I had only know ahead of time I so would have arranged some playdates this past summer so they could have gotten to know each other! It turns out that there are 21 kids in his class and a teacher with two aides. I think that's a pretty good ratio for 4 year olds! At first Chase was very shy and didn't want to leave our sides, but after a while he sat at his seat (he has four other kids at his table and is in between two girls) to color and then went to play with a Dora kitchen on the other side of the room. I was kinda happy he felt secure enough to venture away from us and then he wanted to keep playing when it was time to leave! When we finished talking with his teacher and headed out the door there were two rainbows right in front of us... I'm a rainbow girl and I'm taking that as a good sign!!!!

He seems pretty excited about tomorrow being his first day, but told us yesterday that he may be a little bit scared. We have reassured him that it's OK to be scared, but he's going to have so much that he won't be scared for long. Jeff and I are both going in late tomorrow so that we can take him to school and not be rushed. I am so scared that it'll be a rough goodbye, so if you have some extra prayers for a smooth morning and a great day for Chase, please send them our way!!! Just the thought of leaving my sweet baby there makes my eyes leak a little!!!


***I am grateful for
1) Miss. Caren, I think she is going to be great with Chase!
2) Both Jeff and I can go in late to take Chase in the morning
3) Sundays, who doesn't love a good Sunday
4) a better nights sleep last night
5) Chase's first day of school, please let it go well Lord!!!!


Michelle said...

How exciting..his 1st day of school. I hope his day goes well and that the goodbyes won't be too hard!