Monday, August 3, 2009

All about Big Brother Chase! (Part 1)

There are truly no words to describe Chase. He is beyond awesome and is all we could have hoped for and more in a son. We are constantly getting comments on how good he is and then they follow that up with, "is he always this good?" The answer is yes... 95% of that time. The other 5% he is hell on wheels, but those times are few and far between! He is all boy, very determined, sensitive, sweet, caring, showers you with hugs/kisses/I Love Yous every single day, and it just overall wonderful. I often joke that since Chase had such a hard first 6 months of life due to reflux, that we paid our dues early on and it's all downhill from here... hopefully I'll never regret that statement!!!!

Being a teacher I have been exposed to just about everything you can think of and therefore my poor kiddo has been exposed to it as well. I kid you not when I say that I truly believe my child will have immunities to every childhood illness before he's 5 thanks to my occupation! He's had the common cold, hand foot and mouth, scabies (trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds, just a very itchy rash caused by mites, this he got from a kid at the sitters), Fifth's disease/scarlatina, strep throat, bronchitis, asthma, jaundice when he was a newborn, thrush, and as of last week infantigo. Seriously, what else could we possibly come up (please don't answer that)??!?

Now what is infantigo you might ask, because it sounds rather scary doesn't it? Fortunately it sounds a lot worse than it is, although it can make you quite miserable. Infantigo is a very itchy skin rash that is most common in children ages 2-6. If you look it up on google, you can find some scary pictures, Chase's was not nearly that bad and thanks to modern medicine is now almost completely healed. In fact, the infantigo itself was not our problem, the medicine incident was. What was that, you want to know about the medicine incident? Sure, I'll tell you about it and then totally blame it on being pregnant and losing brain cells... cause surely I would never do something like this.

Since Chase had severe reflux as an infant he learned early on how to take medicine and is probably the best medicine taker you'll ever meet. This can be good and it can be bad. When we got home Friday with the oral antibiotics I poured some into a measuring lid before realizing it didn't have the correct measurement. I decided I'd better find a dropper and before I could do anything Chase picked the lid up and sucked down the meds. Now I know that he got more than he should have, I'm guessing at least a double dose. I read the handout and it said to call poison control if you suspected an overdose. I didn't know if that would be an overdose so I decided to wait and watch him. About an hour later he said his tummy hurt and he laid on the couch. Not a minute later he said the saddest, "Mommy" I have ever heard and when I looked up he was covered in throw-up and so was the couch. I jumped and he threw up two more more times. I took him upstairs to the tub to wash while Jeff cleaned the couch. He said he felt better and wanted to play but within minutes he wanted out of the tub and was very sleep. He zonked out and I began to freak. He never falls asleep like that! I called our pedi after-hours and a TX Children's nurse called me back, went over questions and said she felt he was OK but to call poison control. OMG. I call, go over everything with them, they feel he is fine, and say to call back if we have any issues. Can you freaking believe that????? I still can't believe that all happened... what is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I forgot I'm blaming it on being pregnant!

I will admit, I'm one lucky Mommy!

***I am grateful for
1) an awesome little boy
2) those good times (and even then bad)
3) Monday is over, I'm really not a fan of Mondays
4) recliners
5) sleep, I love sleep


Joy said...

Elaina had drug overdose once and I had to call Poison Control. Only in that case the doctor she had seen (not her regular pediatrician) came me the WRONG DOSAGE to give her. So I inadvertently kept overdosing her all day. Finally, when it was bedtime I noticed her eyes were dilated and she was acting really loopy, like someone who was high, I freaked out!

I'm glad to hear Chase is all better and that the scare is over!!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Scary! So glad he's ok :)