Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ack... where are the blogs I follow???!?!

I'm kinda freaking out here, someone tell me that the blogs they follow are not showing up on their dashboard because mine aren't on mine! Surely blog.ger is just having issues right?!??! ACK!!!!



Aspiemom said...

Did you finally get them? Sometimes that happens to me and I refresh it a couple times, then it pops up. Technology...it's not perfected, yet!

Amanda Hoyt said...

I did not check-in yesterday but today they are there. I saw a few others were having issues yesterday too. Blogger must have just been messed up for a day. Hope all is well :)
Hugs and prayers,

Joy said...

This was an issue yesterday. Are yours back up yet? Mine disappeared allllll day yesterday and I kind of freaked. I don't follow everyone on my blogrolls and likewise I don't have everyone I follow on my blogrolls either.