Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the mend

We had noticed that over the weekend Chase just wasn't acting like himself. For one thing he has been in big boy underwear since July 26th and had only had two accidents. Then last weekend he had two in the same day. Plus there was the fact that even though we still put him in night-time pull-ups at night, 9 out of 10 nights he still wakes up dry... until last week. Every morning he was waking up wet, in fact he was soaked. He was also going potty a lot more than normal, even though is fluid intake had not increased. Not only was he going more, when he had to go it was urgent and he would be in tears within moments. By Sunday he was sluggish, cranky, running a temperature, and you could tell by looking at his eyes he was not feeling well.

I'm sure I've said it before but Chase never really complains. He had mentioned twice that his ear was hurting so we put his ear drops (a.k.a. tickle drops) in and gave him Motrin for the fever. I was really afraid he was developing a UTI and that seemed to be the consensus of those of around us as well, especially his Daddy. Jeff called to schedule an appointment and Monday afternoon landed Doodlebug at the doctors. Good news is there was not a UTI, bad news #1 is he apparently peed all over Jeff, the wall, the toilet, and the floor while trying to get the sample! Oh I would have payed to have seen that!!! Bad news #2 is that he has another double ear infection. :o( I just don't get it. This is his fifth ear infection and the second since getting tubes. His pedi verified that the tubes are still in, but they are not draining right now so fluid has built up behind them. We started an antibiotic for 10 days and then we'll go in for a recheck. Please, please pray that this clears up. If you recall the last one took a month and four round of antibiotics to clear (and that was quick). Chase is certainly already acting better, but then again we would never have known in the past there was a problem... he has one high threshold for pain apparently! As for the potty part they said that he is producing ke.tones in his urine because of the infection and that it can causing burning which is making him go more frequently and with more urgency. I don't really know anything about it other than what I can go.ogle, but it must already be getting better because he is totally back to normal in that aspect!!! Anyway, if you got a prayer, please send it our way for Doodlebug!

**I am grateful for
1) Chase's meds are working
2) Duchess went to the doctor and got antibiotics for her sinus infection so hopefully she will be better soon!
3) Memaw is out of the hospital and got the all clear
4) it's almost the weekend (you know, my most favorite days)
5) our district is filing for a waiver so we don't have to make up the days from Hurricane Ike!


Stephanie said...

Oh man! I hope he is already feeling better and that the ear infection is knocked out the first time!