Saturday, April 26, 2008

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

There is a person that I see on a daily basis (well Monday through Friday, I'm sure you can figure it out) that is a complete and total... well idiot to put is nicely. I mean I suppose she can't help it, but just the same she is. She is one of those "I know it all" kind of people and reality is that she doesn't know half as much as she thinks she does. I do not like those kind of people one.tiny.bit. I try, but I just can't.

On Friday there was a new movie opening called Baby Momma or something like that, surely you've seen the advertisements. Without going in to the full story line from what I know it's about a woman who can't carry her own baby so she hires a white-trash surrogate to carry it for her. Now being a IF conqueror (how do you like the way I put that), IF is certainly a very touchy subject in my book. And being that IF is a touchy subject, I certainly don't feel like it should 1) be taken lightly or 2) be made the butt of a joke in a movie. Now Jeff and I beat the odds and have a child of our own that I carried. One day, God willing, we'll have another child that I carry. However, we have met several during our IF journey that have become good friends and unfortunately will never be able to carry their own child for one reason or another. This movie is really hurting them... and I don't like that at all.

In a meeting on Friday among a small group of people, for kicks let's just say it was the first grade team meeting... OK, it was the first grade team meeting, this movie was brought up and how hysterical it looked. Everyone knows what we have gone through in this last year (first our negative and then our loss) and everyone also knows that another teacher's daughter is going through IF right now and she is really struggling with it all, so I was a little shocked by this topic. Being the opinionated person I am I quickly piped up and said that I didn't think this was a *hysterical* subject at all and that there were a lot of people hurt by this movie. Dumbass... er I mean idiot, then went on to tell me that I just needed to move on and couldn't be offended by movies. Excuse me??? As I went on to explain that I can be offended by whatever I want and that one of my biggest issues were my friends that were hurt by this movie she told me that I just needed to tell them not to see the movie. Oh yeah, there's the solution... why didn't I think of that?

Seeing as how I was talking to an idiot after all I told her to let it go since she would never understand something she hadn't experienced and she responded with that if it came to spending all that money on IF she would just adopt and give a child that was already born and needed parents a home. Ugh, last straw. If anyone knows of a healthy, Caucasian baby boy or girl, that has mine and Jeff's genes (you know, since that's what we want and have a right to want, just like those not suffering though this horrible disease of IF want) please let me know. Because I'm willing to give him/her a home. At that point all I could do was tell her that I pray she is never faced with IF because let's face it, we all know she couldn't handle a path that tough (OK, I didn't say the last part, but I really, REALLY wanted to).

I'll just have to keep reminding myself that some people are just idiots and after all the opening of their mouth, usually involved the insertion of a foot.


Stephanie said...

No she didn't! Good for you standing up to her!