Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mother May I?

When Chase was little Jeff wondered if we would ever be able to teach that child manners. As with all small children Chase lived/lives in a very egocentric society. In his eyes he was/is the center of the universe.... you only thought the world revolved around the sun. If we're being honest, which I try to be, I have often wondered myself if I would have the child that the others teachers talked about because they were just so bad.

As Chase has grown we have celebrated the milestones like learning "thank you" and "God Bless You" when someone sneezes, etc. " Please" has become a regular word and we are working on that whole sharing thing, but boy is it tough. However, the thing that has made me realize that it really is going to be OK and yes, he will have good manners are these two simple words that he puts in front of almost everything he asks for, "May I?" To see those big blue eyes and that sweet, sweet face looking at you and hear a phrase like, "May I please have a drink of your Pepper Dr.?" there is simply no way to resist. I'm trying to figure out if he knows this and that's why he's using it or perhaps we really are getting this parenting thing down after all.