Sunday, April 13, 2008

60 hours

A lot can change in 60 hours. 60 hours is how long it took from hearing, "not only do I think the tube is actually still in after all, it looks like his ear is really clearing up" at our appointment with the pediatrician on Thursday afternoon to hearing, "there is so much drainage that I really can't see in there, he'll need to go to his ENT on Monday and I'll call in a stronger antibiotic until then" at the emergency clinic this morning. What happened?

When we left the pediatrician on Thursday I was over-the-moon happy that it looked like we had licked the ear infection with one round of a mild antibiotic. ONE ROUND!!!!! Then Friday there was a slight drainage that was clear. Chase was with his Memaw, so we had a antibiotic eardrop called in and I really figured that at $95 for a 7.5 mL bottle (that is way small for those not good with measurements... like me) it had to be some really good stuff. By the time I saw Chase late Saturday morning the drainage had gone from clear to thick and greenish. Yuck. Needless to say after a very long night, a very unhappy toddler, and a very sad Mommy we made our way to the ER. I've called in for a sub tomorrow and will run to work long enough to pull stuff together for the day before I head to the ENT to see what needs to be done. I'm determined he'll be seen tomorrow, even if it means sitting in the waiting room all day long. I can't believe I actually thought we had it licked with one round of antibiotics... what was I thinking?


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Oh bummer, Kahla. I'm so sorry that Chase is having a tough time with his ears. That sounds like a nasty infection. I really hope your little guy is feeling better soon!!