Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh my stinkin' heck.

Do you ever say something and then later an occurrence takes you immediately back to your statement and you think.... why did I say that, surely I knew I'd jinx myself!! Well, not unsurprisingly that has happened. Upon leaving work Friday afternoon I was asked how Chase's ear was. At the time, he was doing splendid. I commented back that he was doing good, but they should ask me again on Monday as we all know that if something is going to happen, it's going to happen over the weekend. Why do I say that kind of thing?

After a great day yesterday we got up this morning, went to church, and things seemed well. After church we headed off to lunch. I've said before that Chase is not a complainer, so when he does complain it's never a good sign. Driving down the road I heard it. The smallest complaint. "Mommy, my ear hurts." NO!!!! I turned around to see my Doodlebug yanking at his right ear... the one that got the, "right ear still looks really good" just hours ago on Thursday afternoon. Within minutes his small complaint had turned more into a scream of desperation for me to do something to make it stop hurting. We arrived at our destination and quickly gave some Motrim praying that it would help and he'd feel better soon. I knew Chase was tired from the busy day before, but the way he was acting told me it was more than just tired, he was hurting. As I looked closer I saw an all too familiar site. His ear was draining and not a clear draining, more a bloody (yes, TMI) ooze.

We have opted to start the antibiotic ear drops in his ear and bypass the emergency room because we are doing all they can. His ear is draining which means the tube is working and they will just tell us to use Motrim for pain, which we are doing. My insurance is crappy, but at least it's a PPO which means we can go straight to the ENT tomorrow w/out going through the pedi. I just can't believe that we've gone from having the left ear giving us all kinds of hell to the right ear. Oh my stinkin' heck.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that.I hope that he was feeling better today. I will say a prayer for him.