Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Big Boy Bed

Being a reflux baby our first year of sleeping was tough. Chase had severe reflux which made sleeping agonizing unless he was upright. Our first year went something like this: 6 months of sleeping in his bouncy seat inside his bassinet tightly swaddled and strapped in, he eventually graduated to his swing and then with us in the recliner holding him. Laying him flat was pure torture and so we conceded to do what we had to do in order for him to get rest... even if it meant we didn't. If you're a Mommy to a reflux baby, I'm sure you can relate.

Since we paid our dues in the beginning, we have since been blessed with an excellent sleeper. Chase will sleep at least 10 hours a night and although he is not a morning person (neither am I) he wakes up rested and happy once he's actually awake. Less than 10 hours of sleep and he's not quite as happy, but seriously... who can blame him. Due to the fact that he is such a good sleep, we had yet to take him out of his crib. Yes, I know he's three but why mess with a good thing. Think about it. He sleep 10 HOURS, he has a sleigh crib (I can't even reach the bottom) so he has never crawled out, he's happy in his crib, I don't have to worry about him roaming the house in the middle of the night, and in case I didn't mention it, he sleeps 10 HOURS!!!!

Despite all those wonderful reasons above, I realized that my baby really isn't a baby anymore and he deserved to get a Big Boy Bed. We had planned on just changing his crib to the toddler bed position and even when and got the toddler rail when one of my very good friends (and super sweet!!!) called to ask if we would be interested in getting a race car bed for Chase because she had gotten her son a bunk bed and was getting rid of his race car bed. She knew we had done Chase's room in Disney Cars and thought of us... remember I said she was sweet! So yesterday, we got the bed and last night was his very first night in his official Big Boy Bed. Chase was so very excited and did excellent. He asked me to lay down with him, but once he was asleep he slept until we woke him up for church this morning. I was so proud of him, even if it does make
me realize that he is growing way too fast!