Friday, June 11, 2010

The Princess Loves the pool as much as the Prince!

Today we went to our friend Squeaky's house and took Princess Emery swimming for the first time and Daddy even got to join us after getting off work. Chase loves the water and Emery followed right in his footsteps! I figured she would because she loves bath time and to her, the more water the better! I think we've definitely found an activity we'll be doing as much as possible this summer!!

The Princess ready for her first swim! (we did switch the bow out for a hat)

Daddy and his Little Princess

Chase the Water Bug (Sophie, Stacy's niece, is behind him)

Mommy and her favorite girl! (We didn't plan the matching thing, just happened, I swear)
Emery LOVES it!

My two most favorite people!

Swimming is hard work!

Daddy and his Mini-Me
Such a fun day, I'm thinking every Friday should be this way!

****I am grateful for
1) cool pool water on a hot summer day
2) first time in the tub
3) loving the water
4) Squeaky letting us invade her pool (and Stacy for taking us with her to do it)
5) no rain today so we got to swim!