Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anyone else anxiously awaiting TS3?

TS3 as in To.y Sto.ry 3???? Chase is counting down the days and Friday can't get here fast enough. I have to admit, I'm just as excited!!! We will actually be going to the early show on Friday, just Chase and I, while Emery hangs out with Nana and Paw. Then we'll go again when Daddy can go. I have a feeling opening night will be packed once parents are off work and can take kids, so we are kind of afraid to wait until the evening show to go for the first time. Ha, we are such dorks, but I can't wait!

Now, here is a picture just because it cracks me up!! Jeff says she looks like a boy here, I think she just looks silly!

~ Kahla

****I am grateful for
1) lots and lots and lots of summer left!
2) TS3 comes out Friday
3) time alone w/Chase to go see it
4) Emery is taking her nap in her crib and was awake when I put her in there (although it wasn't the prettiest scene)
5) no ear infections!


Myrannda said...

We're going to try and go see Daddy this weekend, so we might have to wait until Sunday or so to see it. Cadence has been counting down, too! Mike has been laughing at me because I keep responding "Excelente!" to anything remotely excellent. The commercials are already getting to me!

madrecita said...

She is soo cute!! I actually am the one that wants to see this movie- I guess there is still some kid left in me!!