Saturday, June 5, 2010

New teeth and loose teeth!

Princess Emery had a third tooth break through today (her upper right eye tooth - or whatever it's called)!!! She's nowhere near the 8 that her big brother had by this time, but she's well on her way to her first pork chop!

Speaking of teeth, someone has two loose teeth! Prince Chase's (what's a princess w/o a prince) two top front teeth are loose! As in loose where you can wiggle them! We aren't sure if they are loose because they are ready to come out or if they are loose because his Daddy was carrying him around upside down and he thought it would be cool to try and carry his laundry basket (it's cloth, but still) around by his teeth. What can I say, boys will be boys! Guess we'll know which it is if the teeth decide to tighten back up, only time will tell.

On a totally different note, we're trying out the Princess in her own bed for the first time tonight. We forked over a small fortune for a video monitor (that her Daddy whined about and now loves) and she is currently sound asleep in her Princess room. I have no doubt that within hours she'll be snuggled in bed with me, but this is a start! Wish us luck! ;o)

~ Kahla

****I am grateful for
1) movies that make me laugh
2) teeth - new teeth and loose teeth!
3) birthdays (Happy Birthday to my two cousins today - Cecily 18 and Cathy 20)
4) birthdays mean birthday cake... yummy!
5) video monitors and peace of mind


Michelle said...

Aww Chase is getting to be a big boy now. :) I hope all goes well with princess sleeping in her bed.