Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day to the best Daddy Ever!

50 Reasons why our Daddy is the BEST!

1) He's funny.
2) He always plays with us.
3) He carries us when we are tired.
4) He watches us when we are outside.
5) He prays for us every single day.
6) He protects us.
7) He works hard to make sure we are taken care of.
8) He gives us lots of hugs.
9) He gives us lots of kisses.
10) He tells us how much he loves us.

11) He teaches us new things.
12) He holds us when we fall asleep.
13) He reads us stories.
14) He lets us watch fishing on tv with him.
15) He catches turtles and skinks for us.
16) He takes us to new places.
17) He takes us on adventures.
18) He helps us get clean when we are dirty.
19) He makes sure we are tucked in a night.
20) He comes to make sure we are OK if we have a bad dream or something scares us.

21) He snuggles with us when we need him too.
22) He helps dress us.
23) He lets me ride on the 4 wheeler with him, well Emery will get to when she's bigger.
24) He gets us special things.
25) He plays games with us.
26) He cooks us yummy things.
27) He makes us smile and laugh.
28) He helps us take care of our animals.
29) He makes us mind and have good manners.
30) He teaches us right from wrong.

31) He shows us what it means to respectful and kind.
32) He does his best to be a good role model for us.
33) He loves our Mommy.
34) He gets us things when we need them.
35) He always does his best to attend our important events.
36) He almost always has patience with us. ;o)
37) He likes to spend his free time with us.
38) He lets us sit in his lap, even when he's trying to do stuff.
39) He lets us help, even when it's not really helping.
40) He takes us to the doctor when we are sick.
41) He makes sure we get our medicine when we need it.
42) He tells us how special we are.
43) He brags about us because he is so proud.
44) He makes our boo-boos better.
45) He explains things to us when we don't understand.
46) He takes us to the movies.
47) He tells us jokes.
48) He makes sure we know how important we are.
49) He helps Mommy as much as he can.
50) He would give his life for us and that means he loves us more than anything.

We love you Daddy, Happy Fathers Day!!!

~ Chase, Emery, and Mommy

****We are grateful for
1) Daddy
2) love
3) affection
4) great family
5) blessings


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