Monday, January 11, 2010

Princess Emery is 13 weeks/3 months old (ok, a day early)!

Princess Emery,

I'm pretty sure that time is flying at warp speed! I feel like I blink and a whole week has sped by... kinda makes me not want to blink!

You are such a little doll and definitely a Princess in training! You have gotten everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wrapped around your little finger. Even your 88 year old great-grandpa, my grandpa, is more than happy to get down on the floor and play with you and I don't think that's a very easy task for him anymore. But you smile, coo, and he's right down there with you. Some call it "spoiled," but I tend to refer to it as, "well taken care of." ;o)

I'm not sure what is going on with your sleep schedule but as good as I can tell, you must be having a growth spurt. You are steadily eating about 4 ounces, every three hours. That means that you are now back to waking up twice a night (three sometimes... ugh) and it is tough! I was liking the whole only getting up once thing, but surely this shall pass. When you first go to sleep you are content to sleep on your positioner between Daddy and I, but after about an hour you want to be nuzzled up next to me on my arm. I always give in, maybe that's part of the problem.

You are smiling so much now and are laughing quite a bit more too. We can't help but laugh right back at you! I think you may be close to rolling over too, you were pretty darn close tonight when you were on your mat. You have also started giving those big, drooly, open mouthed kisses. It's adorable! If we act like we are going to kiss you, you open your mouth and lean in... I love it!

Your spitting up is about the same and you are drooling a lot. I often wonder if you'll be an early teether like your brother was. He got two teeth at 16 weeks and by 8 months he had 8 teeth. I can't tell if you just really like your hands and think they taste awesome or if you are really teething. Another thing that time will tell.

I can't believe that tomorrow you will be three months old! This time last year we were smack dab in the middle of IVF #5 and you were a wonderful dream that we spent hours dreaming about! Happy 3 month birthday baby girl!

****I am grateful for
~ 3 wonderful, amazing months!
~ big brothers
~ little sisters
~ big, drooly, open mouthed kisses
~ warm showers on cold nights


Lathan, Lauren, Logan, London said...

She is just TOO beautiful! And those eye...!!!