Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Pink Bulldog is Open!

With the help of my grandmother, we have opened an Store called, "The Pink Bulldog!" We will be selling burp rags, custom tutus, binky clips, and bows. We are slowly getting items listed and hope to list new ones daily (boy is it time consuming)!!

***I am grateful for
1) feeling way better than I was 9 hours ago
2) my grandmother
3) bossy almost five year olds
4) helpful husbands
5) playmats for babies


Joy said...

Yes, very time consuming. I've been thinking about opening my shop again but don't know if I should or could at this point. You have help, at least, which is great! I am thinking of switching to a new art or picking up new jewelry techniques. I just don't know yet!

Anyway, I hearted you! ;-) I'm Creations By Chara on there.

Stacy E. said...

Congratulations! Good luck!

Amanda Hoyt said...

sorry it's been so long since i visited you here! i'm sure our lives are pretty similar = hectic!! :)
just wanted to tell you hi and congrats on your new store!!!
how in the world do you have the time??? hope to stop by and buy something someday :)
i'm typing 1 handed (i'm sure you could tell) Madi says hi too!
hugs friend!