Thursday, January 28, 2010

One year ago today...

I had the egg retrieval that ended up giving us our perfect little Princess, Emery. A year can bring so many changes and I can't think of a better to have had. Thank you Lord for working through our doctors, giving us the science that enabled all of this, and adding this little blessing to our family... we are forever grateful!


***I am grateful for
1) the ER one year ago, it was the roughest, but boy what a great outcome!
2) our doctors and their staff, we owe them so much
3) the Lord above, hard to believe that someone can love me as much as he does
4) our two little IVF miracles
5) the whole last year, what a blessing


Courtney and the Boys said...

Awww...what a sweet post!!! :)

Stacy E. said...

I'm so happy for you!! I know it was a looooonnnnng, HARD, road, but God has blessed you with such BEAUTIFUL children!